The Small Print

General Statement

The Council for British Archaeology – Wessex Region (hereinafter referred to as CBA Wessex) is a registered charity – number 291902.  For details of Trustees please see our About Us page.


Data Protection Act

CBA Wessex holds personal particulars of each member and these are stored on a CBA Wessex electronic database.  The information is only available to those within the CBA or CBA Wessex authorised to access this information.  It enables CBA Wessex to maintain its records efficiently and to communicate with members.  This information will never be sold or communicated to third parties.  If you so wish, you may request that your name and address be removed from the CBA Wessex computer database by applying in writing to the Membership Secretary (see About Us page for details).


Email Addresses

Where members have given their email addresses to CBA Wessex these will only be used to enable CBA Wessex to keep in regular contact and will not be passed to third parties.  Members may request their email addresses to be removed from our database by contacting our Membership Secretary, Social Media Co-ordinator or the Chair (see About Us page for details).



During CBA Wessex events photographs may be taken for publicity purposes to promote CBA Wessex.  Anyone attending a CBA Wessex event who would rather not appear in any photographs should inform the organiser of the event and the person in charge on the day.


Booking of CBA Wessex Events

Payment is required (by cheque made payable to ‘CBA Wessex’ or by internet banking) at least two weeks before the event date.  Failure to pay in advance may mean that the reserved place is cancelled.  Where payment has not been received and the person(s) booking does not attend the event, CBA Wessex reserves the right to receive full payment.  Where payment has been made and the person(s) subsequently cancel, then a refund will be made if the place can be resold; otherwise any repayment is at the discretion of CBA Wessex.