Earlier this year the government issued a new set of plans for a tunnel under part of the Stonehenge World Heritage site following the rejection by the archaeological community of their 2017 proposal. The major change from the 2017 plans was to move the western portal of the tunnel north to a position just south of the existing A303 with a surface route running between The Diamond and the Winterbourne Stoke barrow group before crossing the A360 to join a new roundabout to the west of the current Longbarrow Roundabout. This “preferred route” for the A303 would then bypass Winterbourne Stoke to the north. Once again there has been a lengthy public consultation which finished on 23rd April to which CBA Wessex and the national body of CBA responded and we await the outcome of that consultation.

Highways England have reacted to the many responses to the consultation by making three changes to their initial proposals. They are :-

To remove the proposed link between Byways 11 and 12 within the World Heritage Site. We (as well as many other respondents) argued specifically for this change in our response and are pleased that Highways England have accepted this recommendation.

To widen the green bridge near the Longbarrow crossroads – we will support this change.

To modify the proposed Rollestone crossroads junction. We support this relatively minor change.

Highways England have asked for responses to these changes with a new deadline of 14th August 2018.

If you wish to respond in person visit