Grant Fund

Actively supporting archaeology in the Wessex region


Funds are raised by subscriptions from our members and through some of our activities: lectures; field visits; guided walks; study days and conferences.

In recent years CBA Wessex has enjoyed a surplus of funds over its day-to-day funding and reserve requirements.

The trustees of CBA Wessex have agreed that the current surplus and any surplus in future years should be spent as grants within the Wessex Region.  The amount will be determined by the Trustees on a year-by-year basis following the financial year end and announced at the AGM.

The objectives of CBA Wessex as detailed in its constitution are

(1)          to advance the study and practice of archaeology;
(2)          to promote the education of the public in such archaeology;
(3)          to conduct and / or communicate the results of relevant research;
(4)          to advance public understanding and care of the historic environment.


CBA Wessex grant aids conservation of a collared urn from Petersfield

A welcome grant from CBA Wessex has enabled Petersfield Museum to go ahead with a conservation project.

Excavations of Barrow 8 during 2016 on Petersfield Heath, for the People of the Heath Project, led by Stuart Needham, uncovered a Bronze Age collared urn.  The urn has been expertly excavated in the laboratory by volunteer archaeologist Jane King, but funding was needed for the follow-up professional-led conservation.  The grant from CBA Wessex enabled senior conservator Claire Woodhead of the Hampshire Cultural Trust to commence conservation and stabilisation. The outcome has been a fine looking vessel to go on display in Petersfield Museum.

Those excavating with The People of the Heath project included local community volunteers as well as amateur and professional archaeologists who are delighted that the collared urn, now conserved, will in effect return to the local community.

Petersfield Collared Urn (1)


CBA Wessex grant boosts WARG

Another welcome grant from CBA Wessex enabled Winchester-based archaeology and local history group WARG to undertake their 2016 excavation at Warnford on the River Meon in Hampshire. Normally the group would remove topsoil and overburden by hand, but geophysics performed by Winchester University showed the archaeology to be just too deep to enable this to be done in the timescales of the dig.

The grant enabled the hiring of a mechanical digger and driver who made short work of the topsoil and overburden removal and backfilling task. As a result WARG members were able to excavate for a full 15 days and achieved their objective of finding a Stuart building and courtyards below later Regency and World War II remains.

Many of those digging have been doing amateur archaeology since their involvement with Martin Biddle’s excavations in the 1970’s when WARG was formed as an archaeological rescue resource. WARG chairman, Chris Sellen, was happy to receive the grant at CBA Wessex’s annual conference in November 2016.

WARG Warnford Dig (3)

Who is Eligible?

Any individual, local group, private or third sector organisation working within the Wessex Region.

We consider applications for matched funding as part of a larger project.

  • Applications must demonstrate that they meet one or more of our aims as stated above
  • Applications must be for projects undertaken within the Wessex Region
  • Applications must have a regional value
  • Applications should, where relevant, make reference to available research frameworks

We can help with hire of equipment, support of excavation costs, specialist artefact analysis, conservation costs, radio carbon dating, illustrations, etc.

Although applicants are welcome to apply for grants up to the value of £750, the upper limit is not set in stone and each application is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Projects should be completed within one year of the award being made (that is the project is finished and an evaluation report submitted).


The Group does not fund

  • Individual general study costs or associated costs
  • Projects that we deem to be political
  • Part projects where future funds are essential for the project to continue, unless demonstrated that those funds will be available



How to Apply

Everything you need to know is in the grant terms and guidance notes and if you are considering applying for a grant you should read these and download and retain a copy for your own records (see below).  Once you have read the notes and are ready to proceed, download the application form and submit it, together with the required information by email to

Grant Fund Guidance Notes - ThumbnailGrant Terms & Guidance Notes

Grant Fund Application form - ThumbnailGrant Application Form


The Evaluation Process

Applications are judged by a sub-committee of the Trustees of CBA Wessex on how well they fulfil the aims of CBA Wessex and that they have met the criteria on the application form.  If a committee member has links with an applicant or project that is under consideration, then they shall not participate in the decision making process.  CBA Wessex reserves the right to ask for additional information in support of any application.

The committee will endeavour to make a decision within eight weeks of receiving the application.  Once all funds for each year have been allocated any submissions after that date will be returned.

The decision of the committee is final.



CBA Wessex makes funding available at its discretion dependent upon the individual application.  This could be

  • Interim payments
  • Payment upon sight of a receipt(s) (i.e. for equipment)
  • Sight of pro-forma invoice(s) (i.e. for publications, deposits, etc.)


Successful Applicants

Successful applicants are required

  • To ensure the project is completed within one year of receiving the award
  • To submit an evaluation report within one year of receiving the award
  • To provide a short abstract (with photographs if applicable) of the project for inclusion in the CBA Wessex newsletter and subsequently on the CBA Wessex website.

CBA Wessex reserves the right to reclaim any award or part of an award where these conditions are not met.