We are motivated by a passion for archaeology and a desire to campaign on its behalf. Share your enthusiasm for the past, speak up for the history around you.

There are so many ways that you can help to protect archaeology and support heritage services in your area.  Put archaeology on the map of your local policy-makers and decision-takers.  Here are some suggestions.

Local Plans

Your council uses its Local Plan to identify land for development. This includes housing, areas for economic activity, and infrastructure. That means that Local Plans are really important for safeguarding archaeology, especially the 95% of archaeological sites that are not protected by legislation like scheduling. You can participate through public consultations.

Many of the planning authorities in the CBA Wessex region are going through the process of renewing their Local Plans. We have shown links to the relevant webpages below, to make it easier for you to find out more. We have collected the Local Plans that are still being developed (so the list doesn’t include those that have been submitted to the Secretary of State already).

To check the timetable for producing your area’s Local Plan, look for a document called the Local Development Scheme. Look for the ‘regulation 18’ and ‘regulation 19 (pre-submission)’ consultations, and the examination hearing sessions.







In your Neighbourhood

Is your community working on a Neighbourhood Plan?  You can set planning policies through a Neighbourhood Plan that will be used in determining planning applications.  Make sure that archaeology gets the protection it needs through your Neighbourhood Plan.

A local community with a Neighbourhood Plan can choose where it wants new homes, offices, and shops to be built. It can allocate sites for development and say how new buildings should look.  It says what new infrastructure should be provided.

So, a Neighbourhood Plan can be really important to protect your heritage.  Only 5% of England’s archaeological sites are formally protected by law.  The huge majority of our heritage relies on the planning system for protection.

If you help to work on your Neighbourhood Plan, you can make sure that heritage is protected through local policy.  This includes un-scheduled archaeological sites and non-listed historic buildings.

Find out more about Neighbourhood Plans.


In other news: Girl Guiding UK has launched a set of new badges for Brownies, including an Archaeology Badge http://new.archaeologyuk.org/news/girlguiding-launch-new-archaeology-badge-with-the-support-of-the-cba-and-young-archaeologists-club Is there a Brownie Pack near you? Perhaps you could help to inspire the next generation of archaeologists by offering support to the local group!


Archaeology Matters!

Tell your MP and councillors why you care about archaeology.  Start by sending them an Archaeology Matters pledge card.

Download cards from the CBA website, or ask the Local Heritage Engagement Network to send you some.  Fill in the cards with a personal message explaining why you care about archaeology in your area.  Invite your representatives to sign the Archaeology Matters pledge.

You can mention a specific site you love to visit, or express a general care for the past.  You could comment on the educational or economic value of heritage in your area.  Tell them why archaeology matters to you.

Why should I send a card?

This is a great way to start a conversation.  MPs and councillors need to know

  • how valuable the historic environment is to their constituents;
  • how important it is to retain facilities like local museums;
  • and how archaeology contributes to the local economy and community well-being.

To get your cards, email lhen@archaeologyuk.org or call 01904 671 417. Read more about the campaign and why we need to influence policy-makers.

Do one thing TODAY for archaeology

Do you use social media?  Find your MP on a service like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and send them a post!

Whether you are enjoying a walk at a local site, visiting an excavation open day, or taking the family to a museum: share your experience.  Show your MP in a public arena that archaeology matters to their constituents.

Invite them to make the same visit.  And you can do it each time you are out-and-about.   MP’s webpages will tell you who has which social media account.

It’s easy to show your support for local heritage services.  Make sure you tell museums, archives, and archaeology services when you have had a good day out, or found some useful information.  Take a minute to tweet about it.  Or to include more photos and information, use Facebook.


Need help to start a campaign? The Local Heritage Engagement Network (LHEN) has a Toolkit and set of Briefing Notes to help with every aspect.

LHEN provides advice and guidance for you to champion archaeology in your area.  People are concerned about threats caused by cuts, development, and reductions to local heritage services.   But where do you start?

The LHEN team supports local groups to speak up.  The team has practical advice, case-studies, letter templates, training, and connections to other campaigners.  Everything you need to be an advocate for archaeology.